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Compartes Melrose Place

Compartes Melrose is a 500sf chocolate shop designed by AAmp Studio for Los Angeles based chocolatier Jonathan Grahm.

Compartes was established in 1950 in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood, where the chocolates are still made by hand today. The Melrose Place location is the brand’s second retail space, and will serve as the concept store for future growth in other US cities.

Conceptually, the store is centered on the brand’s use of triangles featured in it’s packaging, which is designed by Jonathan himself. Responding to the two entries at the front and rear of the space, the plan is organized around a triangular marble counter. The counter — oriented to the two entries — peals from the floor to reveal a triangular tiled floor that leads to the feature wall: a graphic explosion of the brand’s colorful chocolate bars, a brass shelved ‘star’ that alludes to LA’s deco past. Brass aside, the space remains entirely black and white to help accentuate the brand’s beautifully colored branding.

Located above a banquette made for snacking is a neon sign highlighting the brand’s slogan, “Chocolate is Art!” scripted in the hand of Jonathan himself.