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Death & Co DC

This project is Death & Company’s latest establishment and fourth venture following successful locations in New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles. Nestled within the intimate Blagden Alley block just north of the National Mall, this approximately 2,300-square-foot space spans two bars across the second level’s interior and exterior.

The space was designed to foster an intimate atmosphere with carefully curated zones that cater to different preferences, from cozy lounge areas for intimate conversations to communal spaces encouraging social interaction.

The heart of the interior, spanning roughly 1,500 square feet, sits a sunken dark bar, surrounded by raised perimeter booths enveloped in warm wood and rich greens. To the right of the bar, an existing mural pays homage to the acclaimed predecessor, Columbia Room. Above, the iconic wood ceiling – a hallmark from Death & Company’s original East Village location – illuminates its patrons in a soft glow.

Outside, the 800-square-foot three-season patio bar and lounge incorporates lighter tones that complement the existing brick walls and steel-framed windows.